Haven’t Heard Back After an Interview, When Should I Follow up?

After writing a solid resume, submitting an application, preparing thoroughly for an interview and sitting down to meet with a potential employer, it can be hard to stop and wait for a hiring manager get back to you.

However, the “waiting game” after the interview is all a part of the process and it is an aspect of job seeking that should be mastered. Here are a few ways you can get a handle on how to best wait and follow up after the in-person interview.

The delicate dance of seduction

When you are being interviewed for a job, it could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship and like any romantic relationship, it’s important to walk a fine line between showing interest and coming on too strong.

It may not seem fair that you have to be attractive to a potential employer. You might think that employers should be judging you based on your skills, experience and composure in an interview. However, that’s not how the world works. Therefore, you need to avoid calling the potential employer right after the interview, or making multiple phone calls asking how the process is going.

Also, acting overeager will work against you if you’re looking to negotiate on pay or benefits.

Respond at the right time

There’s no consensus among HR professionals on the best time to follow up on an interview. However, many agree that job seekers should be respectful of HR worker’s time and realize that they are busy people with a lot of things on their plate.

If you do reach out through email or leave a voicemail, be sure that you’re available for the response. If you’re going to be unavailable at work or on vacation, set up an away message that lets the hiring manager (and others) know when you’ll get back to them.

Don’t obsess for too long

Getting a bit obsessive about a job opportunity is completely natural and even healthy, as it shows you are passionate about the possibility. However, obsessing to the point that it stresses you out is not healthy.

Rejection is a normal part of job hunting and even though you might be absolutely perfect for a job, a hiring manager may not get back to you right away or you may never hear back because the company decided to go with an internal candidate.

Give yourself permission to obsess over the job opportunity for a week after your follow up. During that time, continue your job search and don’t overlook any tantalizing job opportunities that might come along.

Move on with your head held high

With social media, it’s all too easy to put a hiring manager or a company on blast for not getting back to you after an interview.  However, doing that will only ruin your reputation and burn multiple bridges.

Some companies just won’t get back to you, and so it’s up to you to move on with grace when that happens.

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