How to find the right tech staffing firm for your company in today’s market

asking questions to find the right tech staffing firm
asking questions to find the right tech staffing firm

In today’s economic landscape, there is an air of caution hanging over the workforce planning for many companies, especially for their technology needs. While some companies are reporting a pause, there are mixed reactions as to why they might be scaling back and for how long. Some schools of thought suggest that companies, especially tech, are course-correcting for the surge in hiring over the last few years; other industry leaders are optimistic that any downturns will be short-lived. Still, other experts note that even as tech job hiring appears to be slowing down, what they are seeing in the low tech unemployment rates and the sheer number of open jobs and high demand for talent shows the market is still strong.

This continued need for tech talent amidst short supply is a catalyst for organizations turning to the recruiting experts at a tech staffing firm for help. But when you are hyper-focused on your budgets, it’s that much more important that you do your due diligence in selecting the right one!

The right tech staffing firm will help you manage business growth

Creating a job description, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, ensuring a cultural add—you do a lot to find the perfect candidate for your roles. And you should. But if you have hundreds or even thousands of openings, it can be overwhelming. It might be time to partner with a staffing firm to help find quality candidates fast.

Here are just a few reasons it’s important to work with a tech staffing firm:
● We can fill a robust talent pipeline with candidates in and out of your immediate network, so you have full access to top-tier job seekers without limitations.
● We take care of the admin stuff, so your team can free up time to interview and make job offers.
● We make sure your hiring practices comply with laws and regulations, including those for global hiring and remote work.
● We vet quality candidates and fight against deepfakes, so you know you’re getting only the best candidates for hire.

So, if you’re considering partnering with a staffing agency, there are a few questions you should ask first to ensure you’re a match.

1. What experience or expertise do you have in recruiting in my industry?

Are you a fintech company, a design agency, or an architecture firm? Whatever your industry, you have unique needs and want to work with a staffing agency specializing in your specific industry. To get a better understanding of a staffing company’s experience and expertise in your industry, ask questions like:

● Have you filled positions for my competitors?
● What are your retention rates for candidates you’ve placed in my industry?
● How long does it take to fill roles in my industry?

Staffing agencies often have some cross-over in the industry sectors they service. It’s important to know the talent pools they focus on so that the talent searches are starting in the right place.

2. Is your talent pool diverse?

A company’s greatest asset is its employees, and the more diverse, the better. Research shows the many benefits of hiring candidates from diverse backgrounds—from innovation to a better bottom line. So, ask the staffing agency you want to work with if their talent pool is made up of individuals from different backgrounds with unique life experiences and varying skill sets.

3. Do you understand or will you take the time to understand my company’s values and tone?

When you work with a staffing agency, ideally, they become an extension of your team, representing your company to job seekers. They are on the front line, building your employer brand by creating exceptional experiences for candidates and giving them a sneak peek at what it will be like to work at your company. The staffing firm’s representatives need to sell your brand the right way, accurately depicting your company.

Ask these questions to get a feel for how the staffing agency works and what they do to ensure they’re representing your brand properly:

● Can you articulate our company culture well enough to filter out candidates who wouldn’t be a good fit?
● Can you explain what we do, our values, and our missions to a candidate?
● Can you answer candidate questions about how we work, our management style, growth trajectories, and more?
● How do you get to know the companies you work with well enough to represent them?
● Do you engage with our hiring managers to ensure a strong partnership and that you fully understand our needs?

4. What services do you provide?

Before you hire a staffing firm, consider what you need. Are you looking to hire temporary workers for your support center? Or does your business need temp-to-hire and permanent hires?

Work with a staffing agency that can meet your existing and future requirements. We suggest planning ahead so you don’t have to switch agencies as your needs evolve as the business grows.

5. What’s your typical turnaround time?

Are you ramping up your hiring efforts and need to fill roles quickly? Or is your business stable and you can afford to take a few months to hire the perfect candidate? Assess your current needs, but forecast future needs, and find a staffing company that aligns with those needs. To determine which firm is right for you, try asking questions like:

● How long does it usually take to fill a role?
● How long can I expect to wait to get qualified candidates after submitting a job req?

6. How do you source candidates?

“Never leave a job without having another one lined up” is common advice that many people follow. So, if a staffing firm only sources candidates from their database, you could miss out on a huge portion of the population who are employed, but open to a new job.

Ask your potential staffing firm if they source passive candidates or only send you candidates in their system already. If they source passive candidates, you may have a leg up on the competition solely by accessing a talent pool other firms don’t source from.

7. What does your process look like?

Companies that work with staffing agencies do so for many reasons, including their need to save time and money. Staffing firms can run background checks, conduct initial interviews and skills assessment tests, and more—these can save your team valuable time better spent on getting to know the candidates sent their way.

Ask the staffing company what their process for sourcing, reviewing, assessing, and interviewing potential employees looks like to see if they’re truly going to save you time.

8. What are your rates/fees?

What does the staffing firm’s pricing model look like? What’s their conversion rate and do they charge a temporary rate? Get into the nitty-gritty to understand if you can afford their services and how fees are structured for different situations. For example, if they have a poor placement, will you get a refund?

While these are all good questions to ask, do your research, too! Look at the staffing company’s reputation and see how candidates like working with them. Are there a lot of complaints or turnover? We promise, it’s better to find out everything before signing on with a staffing firm then find out you don’t align after partnering.

Looking for your next staffing partner?

If you’re looking to hire top talent, we can help. At SSI, we put people first and helping you find the perfect candidate for your open roles. We act as your partner and an extension of your team, getting to know your organization, culture, and what matters most for each opening. And we’re happy to answer any of the questions above.

Interested in working with us? Contact us today to learn more about who we work with and how we can help you find your next employee.

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