Improving Your Management Skills 11/12: Have an Open Mind

There are a few red flags when it comes to an insufferable manager. Qualities include micromanager, dictator, and narrow-minded, to name a few. These managers need to show off their authority every chance they get, which would be fine if that’s all it was. Employees could roll their eyes and then go on about their days, meeting their goals, and achieving milestones. But the truth is that such a boss limits the sharing of ideas and suffocates innovation and creativity. Your team will never grow and improve that way. Here’s how to be a manager with an open mind.

Empower your employees

When you oversee and micromanage every little decision your employees make, you don’t allow them to think for themselves. Instead of owning their work and taking pride in what they do, they’re surrendering to your overpowering opinions. But when you allow them to problem-solve on their own and generate their own solutions, their confidence will soar, and they’ll be bolder and more confident the next time around.

Open your door

Be open to your team’s ideas, opinions, and approaches to their work. You can still be the boss, and you don’t have to bow down to every little complaint, but by encouraging your team to brainstorm, innovate, and collaborate, the most productive and efficient ideas will rise to the top.

Be flexible

You probably have a vision in mind—some grand idea of how everything should be done. And that’s great. You’re the boss, after all. But don’t stay married to those visions when it clear they won’t work or when someone else has a better idea. Listen attentively to all feedback and be humble enough to admit when you’re wrong.

Be logical and courageous

When you’re getting bombarded with thoughtful feedback from the rest of your team, you need to be able to sift through the most reasonable ones and pull out the best idea. Weigh all angles and select the best idea, not your favorite employee. That will take courage. To break the status quo or change your company’s course, you’ll have to be brave and be able to stand confidently when you’re explaining it to all the naysayers and people who are uncomfortable with change.

Prioritize learning and growth

The good news is that open-minded managers are always learning and always getting better. By respecting your employee’s creativity and opinions, you’ll encourage them to generate more and learn from them in the process. You’ll always be open to new methods and procedures that will make your company more efficient and productive.

Have faith in your abilities as an open-minded manager. It’s better for your professional development and for keeping employees loyal, not to mention that it gives them the chance to grow and evolve into thoughtful leaders. And best of all, the constant pursuit of greatness will be better for your company’s bottom line. For more tips on how SSi People can help you be an open-minded managercontact our team today.

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