Improving Your Management Skills 8/12: Figure out Effective Motivation Tactics

You’ve got a cast of dream employees, and now you need to figure out how to keep them happy and motivated. You need them to work as efficiently as possible so you can boost productivity, keep costs down, and maximize revenue. Plus, you want them to be satisfied and challenged enough that they stick around. Here are some effective motivation tactics. 


Provide incentives 

Reward good work and praise solid efforts. Even though, yes, these are things they’re getting paid to do, it’s still nice for them to know that people are noticing and paying attention. You can do extrinsic incentives for quick and easy too—an extra paid day off, gift cards, movie tickets, or a little extra cash. Or try flex scheduling and the ability to work remotely here and there.  

Offer opportunities for advancement

Your employees are more excited when they know they’re working towards something. If there seem to be no chances for growth or climbing the ladder, they’ll think they’re in a deadend job and will move on to better opportunities elsewhere. Groom them to grow and improve so your company will seem like a great place to work. 

Be an example

Behave the way you’d want your team to behave. Get excited about the company’s goals, radiate positivity, and your enthusiasm will be contagious. Be the respectful, honest and supportive manager your employees need. 

Empower them

Show your employees you trust them and give them the autonomy to make decisions for themselves. People want to feel in control of their time and energy, and if they’re sitting around waiting for you to decide on something they’re working on, you’ll crush their momentum and paralyze them. If they need help, let them know they can come to you, but ultimately, let them lead. 

Communicate effectively

Meet with your employees regularly to speak with them face to face. Let them know they’re valued, talk about your company goals as well as their personal and professional goals, and hear about their setbacks, issues, and triumphs. Be transparent and share any information they’ll need to get their work done.  

Motivate individuals

Instead trying to motivate your whole team at once, understand that all your employees are very different and will be driven by different things. Get to know them and learn what makes each employee tick—some might just need praise and attention while others might be saving for their kids’ college tuition and need some extra cash. Some are striving for career advancement and others biding time until retirement. 

Make your make your company inviting

There’s a lot to be said for ambiance. Your employees will be spending most of their waking hours at work, so make it a pleasant place to be, where they want to spend time. After all, the space around them will affect their mood and energy. Think open air, comfortable furniture, and lots of natural light. 


For more tips on keeping your employees motivated, happy and engaged at workcontact our team today. 


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