Key Advantages For Utilizing Contractors For Projects Needs

IT Professional

More IT professionals than ever are choosing to become contractors and companies are increasingly leveraging this emerging part of the workforce. A 2016 survey from Deloitte found 51 percent of global executives said they plan to increase the use of contractors at their organization.

While contractors get to enjoy the flexible nature of their situation, companies can realize a whole host of benefits. Consider the following advantages for using contractors on project work.

Address a skills gap

It’s no secret that the fastest-expanding skills gaps are in tech, and most smart businesses are aware of the essential abilities they lack that required for the projects of today and tomorrow.

Contractors can allow a company to fill this gap, not only as far as the abilities they bring to the table, but also with the experience they have working on projects for other businesses, possibly across several different industries.

Upskill your workforce

Contractors can rapidly enable and expedite the upskilling of your existing IT workforce. In doing work side-by-side with extremely-able contractors day-in and day-out, your team members will continuously be subjected to new abilities and points of view.

You may discover your workforce has been significantly upskilled and reenergized after working with highly-skilled contractors, far greater than they might be if they simply took a training course or two.


The pressures of digital initiatives have forced many businesses to scramble on delivering as rapidly as possible to stay relevant and competitive.

Contractors are can be a versatile resource in the face of this pressure, helping to keep these projects on time and on budget. Contractors can rapidly be brought into your organization, often at short notice, to carry out particular and highly-skilled tasks. They can hit the ground running and provide the flexibility required to adapt and without contributing to your permanent headcount. They can be released as quickly as they can be hired- which is an advantage when change can occur so quickly.

Stimulate organizational change

An effective IT strategy is based on making operations faster, more streamlined and simpler to navigate. However, a fast-paced and efficient IT strategy can run headfirst into strong resistance to change, which can slow progress, increase mean costs and boost workloads.

Contractors can help businesses confront this resistance at a foundational level because they directly work with the people impacted by digital change.

Push a progressive digital strategy

In order to remain relevant and to ensure long-term success, contractor’s must be ahead of the latest IT trends and familiar with upcoming technologies. Companies that hire these contractors bring in that knowledge and insight. Contractors can also be the ideal fix to the groupthink that can fall over businesses like a shroud, especially those with a graying, stagnant workforce.

At SSi People , we regularly help companies locate the IT talent they need to push forward their major projects. If your company is about to start a major IT initiative, please contact us today to find out how we may be of assistance.

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