Lacking Experience? Here’s How to Get Past the Requirements

Just because you don’t meet all of a job’s requirements doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. Most companies list characteristics for their ideal candidate, understanding that no one will realistically check every box. Some qualities are absolute must-haves and some that they’re willing to compromise on, and chances are they don’t advertise which are which. So, read between the lines, show off the right soft and hard skills, and land the job. Here’s how to get past the requirements when you lack experience.

Show off your soft skills

Regardless of where your career’s been in the last few years, you have some soft skills that are perfect for this role. It might be communication, organization, teamwork, problem-solving, and work ethic. Even if you’re a recent graduate, you’ve likely participated in some group projects and internships that developed those specific skills. Pick the ones that are most crucial in this particular position and show them off!

Customize your resume

Don’t rely on a generic catchall resume that you send out to every single job you apply to, send a different one to each company. The bones will be the same, but you can alter the wording so that it echoes the language in the job posting. If there are specific experiences and skills they’re looking for, make sure those stand out. You can even omit some of your experiences that are irrelevant or aren’t called for.

Highlight your personal projects

If your last few jobs aren’t relevant to the job you’re applying to, don’t include them. Instead, focus on the tasks and responsibilities that are relevant. That might mean some personal endeavors you’re pursued, perhaps a consulting role, an online course, or a project or a blog—whatever shows that you’re passionate and sincerely interested in the industry.

Focus on your strengths

You have some strengths that you can show off as well as some fundamental skills that you can develop, so mention those. Talk about which ones can be a valuable asset to the company—making presentations, specific coding languages, planning, and managing projects, thinking critically, and writing reports.

Tailor a winning cover letter

Have a friend who’s a great writer review and edit your cover letter. It should tell a story that your resume doesn’t, highlighting your passion and enthusiasm, and focusing on what you can contribute to the company. Be confident and clear, show off your strengths again, and have your language echo that of the job description.

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