New Technology That’s Targeting Diversity

If your business is having problems with workforce diversity, new technology tools can help you add diversity and address any problems with your talent pipeline.

Many new tech tools aim to help companies get rid of bias from their hiring methods so they can identify and retain more diverse talent. Perhaps not coincidentally, many of these new tools were developed by women.

Below is a short list of new tech solutions to address diversity issues

Talent sonar

When hiring personnel sees a first name that is a traditionally female name or a traditional African American name, for instance, they are susceptible to preconceived notions about women and African Americans, research has shown. Also, the name of a college a person attended can lead to bias if the college is a historically associated with African Americans or women.

The talent acquisition platform from Talent Sonar redacts candidate and college names from resumes to mitigate bias in the screening process. The Talent Sonar platform also studies the wording used in job descriptions to make companies more approachable to people from diverse backgrounds.


The augmented writing platform by Textio uses natural language processing (NLP) to rate job postings for gender neutrality from 0 to 100, as various phrases and words may get spotlighted as speaking to particular audiences or being troublesome. The platform also makes recommendations for language improvement.

For example, if you would like equally attract men and women for a job opening, the job posting ought to have one-third bulleted content, according to Textio. The company says using greater than one-half bulleted content leads to less women applying and less than one-fourth leads to less men submitting applications.

After using the Textio platform, manufacturer Avery Dennison reported a 60 percent jump in female applicants, according to a article from CIO. After incorporating Textio with other HR functions, collaboration tech company Atlassian hired an engineer class that’s 57 percent women.


While Glassdoor allows job seekers the opportunity to rate their current and former employers, InHerSight uses ranking categories intended to speak to female professionals, including the chance to rate “family growth support” and “equal opportunities for women and men.”

InHerSight rankings are supported by information on employer responsiveness to female-focused issues. For instance, users are asked how responsive their employer was when issues surrounding maternity leave were raised.

Seeing InHerSight as a powerful tool for female professionals, many companies are advertising on the platform in the hopes of attracting more female applicants to their companies.


Bias isn’t just an issue in the hiring process. Many people feel their suggestions, solutions, and ideas aren’t taken as seriously as they should be just because of who they are: female, Middle Eastern, etc.

Baloonr is a collaboration tool that keeps the author of an idea concealed till management has approved or rejected it based solely on merit. Users can log in, anonymously offer input, then up-vote ideas they like. Only after an idea is chosen does the system reveal who it came from.

At SSi People , we always strive to supply our clients with a diverse range of talent. If your company is currently looking to diversify its workforce, please contact us today.

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