Identifying and Preventing Candidate Identity Fraud with Sean Slater

In this episode, Christina was excited to welcome Sean Slater to the podcast to discuss the ever increasing trend of Candidate Identity Fraud. Sean is the VP of Client Service at The Brixton Group a national technology staffing & recruiting company headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina. 

Christina and Sean discuss how technology and the rise of remote working has contributed to increased cases of CID and how third party recruiting has added to the difficulty of monitoring such activities and identifying their perpetrators. Sean unpacks some vital tips on what to look for when interviewing candidates and points out a few key techniques that he and his team employ when remotely interviewing potential hires.

In addition to discussing CID and how to prevent it, Sean also offers up his take on the state of the staffing industry and what he predicts for 2023. Christina and Sean discuss how layoffs at major Fortune 500 tech firms won’t necessarily affect smaller mid-sized companies and how staffing agencies can leverage this moment for their advantage. 

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About Sean: 

Sean is an accomplished leader and entrepreneur with responsibility for all aspects of Brixton Development & Delivery within North America. Sean provides insight, guidance, and counsel from his technology consulting experience to guide success in strategy, approach, process, and delivery. He also oversees quality programs to ensure the successful delivery of results to Brixton’s Clients. Prior to his work with Brixton, Sean was a 15 year Accenture executive based out of the Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Washington DC offices. His workforce experience includes Consulting, Infrastructure & Application Outsourcing, and Business Process Outsourcing (on & off shore). He possesses strong capabilities across the entire SDLC and hands on experience with several global service technology offerings. Sean has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Penn State University.


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WSJ article cited in the interview: Your Boss Still Thinks You’re Faking It When You’re Working From Home – WSJ


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