A Gift Guide for Those Returning to the Office in 2022

Gift for returning to the office
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As we move towards in-person work environments again, make the transition exciting with some new “gear” to brighten up someone’s workday when returning to the office. It’s the perfect time to wish someone well in the new year ahead.

Give the comforts of home

OK, many in the workforce may have gotten very comfortable with a WFH routine. But a return to the office is fresh scenery and will just take a little time to get into a new routine. Help make the change a positive one with a special gift reminiscent of the creature comforts workers have become accustomed to while working from home.

  • An always warm cup of coffee. With the coffee pot at their disposal in the kitchen, a warm cup was always nearby. That might not be the case at a desk – or is it? A smart mug warmer, or a Bluetooth-enabled mug with warming coaster will keep their coffee piping hot until lunchtime!On the flip side, a gift to keep cold drinks cold and within reach might be just what they are looking for. Mini-fridges have gotten so mini and are just the right size for a day’s worth of snacks and drinks.
  • Staying warm without comfy sweats and full control of the thermostat. During the winter months, sweats may no longer be office attire, and the ability to fiddle with the heat might be gone, but professionals can still look chic and stay toasty with the latest gadgets to add some extra warmth. A fuzzy shoulder wrap or a heated seat cushion might just do the trick.And did you know they even make a heated mouse? What’ll they think of next?!
  • Tranquil settings (although the office might be more tranquil than home!) Greenery will spruce up any office setting, especially plants that are low maintenance like a mini succulent dish garden. Or, encourage a mid-day refresh and recharge, with the tiniest portable waterless desk diffuser to use with calming aromatherapy scents.

Help Them Stay Connected

Always being able to plug in. Do most people have a charger at home, in the office, in their bag, in their car? Suitable for ALL electronics – like the phone, the tablet, the earphones, the smart pencil and so on and so on?  Help someone consolidate with a multi-port wireless desk charger and outlet tower. One plug into the wall and and a few extra portable USB wires lets them charge several electronic devices at the office, including through the wireless phone charging pad built into this version. No more carrying around the extras!

And for those moments when they are on the go, perhaps even in a hybrid-working model where they might be traveling back and forth in regular intervals, a handy file drive is useful as well as a compact portable power bank for off-site meetings and commutes.

Encourage Continued Safe Practices

  • Safe snack-sharing. Who doesn’t love an individually wrapped snack nowadays, avoiding the hand-dip (of germs) into the candy bowl? There’s something for that, too! They can still share candy safely with co-workers with a hand-sensor candy dispenser.
  • With that same safety concept in mind, the touch-free liquid pump dispenser is also a nice gift. Hand sanitizer anyone? Don’t mind if I do.
  • Maybe not so techie, but thoughtful nonetheless with their safety in mind is the touch-free tool to pull open doors, push buttons and more. With lots of hands touching lots of doorknobs, elevator buttons and even the smart screens at the checkout counter, this little gadget not much bigger than the size of a key, can help minimize the spread of surface germs.

Make Returning to the Office Something to Look Forward To, With Practical, Yet Thoughtful Gifts

Going back to the office can be a huge shift for many folks who have worked remotely for over a year now. Changing routines can be difficult, but it can also be an exciting change of pace. Plus, returning to the office for many is something they look forward to, especially for team building and bonding with co-workers again.

If you are looking for something useful and practical for gift-giving for family and friends returning to the office, research some of the suggestions above, and let them know you support them with something they’ll find special during the holiday season.

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