Are You Showing Your Employees That You Value Them?

Most companies offer their employees fringe benefits, career advancement opportunities and recognition for a job well done. Most companies also feel they offer competitive salaries and make good investments in their staff.

However, it can be hard to tell if employees at these companies truly feel valued as a result of these efforts, or if they aren’t satisfied and would quit as soon as something better comes along.

To minimize worker turnover, employers must listen to their staff members and show they appreciate them, especially so employees don’t leave for reasons that could have been easily addressed.  Managers need to continuously engage with their team around issues related to job satisfaction. If you are currently looking to reduce your turnover rate, ask your workers the following questions to see if they are happy and feel valued.

What are your current short- and long-term career goals?

Understanding your employees’ career goals is a round-about way to see if you’re supplying a valuable work environment.

This question is typically asked during an interview, and few companies think to revisit the question beyond that point. However, it’s essential to ask your staff members this question at least once annually. As people develop professionally and as their personal lives change, their career goals may also change. If your company can be flexible in accommodating these changes, employees will stick around longer.

Have you had adequate training to perform well at your job?

Almost all professionals have to keep themselves up to date on the latest tools and procedures. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask workers from time to time if they have the right level of training.

It might seem counterintuitive, but staff members are much more prone to feel valued if they’re being challenged and developing professionally. Giving staff members regular training and professional development opportunities shows employees, their employers value their career growth. Seminars, training sessions, classes, and trade shows are useful for professionals in every industry, and it’s up to employers to give staff members the opportunity to take advantage of those options.

Do you need more support from management?

Every worker should feel comfortable enough to do their job each day from start to finish without having to continuously check in with supervisors. However, workers may be getting held up on projects because they have an issue with equipment or procedures and they don’t feel comfortable bringing the issue to their supervisor. This lack of comfort could be because employees don’t feel their concerns are valued.

No matter how independent staff members seem, it’s crucial to remain involved in the work and take note of workflow to make sure each worker is getting the support they need.

At SSi People , we work with our clients to ensure that all employees feel like valuable contributors. If your company is currently looking to partner with a full-service staffing firm, please contact us today to discuss a range of staffing solutions.

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