What Skills Are Engineering Companies Looking for in Candidates?

The talent needs of each engineering company can vary greatly and each organization’s candidate selection process can target very different skills, levels of experience and personalities to best complement its particular needs.

While some people may get hired because they have unique abilities, there are general skills that have value for a wide range of organizations. Some of these are technical skills, such as the ability to use CAD software, and some are soft skills, such as problem-solving or the ability to work with others.

If you are looking for employment with an engineering company, consider the following essential skills.

Technical Aptitude

There’s no getting around it: You need technical skills to work in any engineering field. Engineering employers value technical ability and the application process for some positions will include a test for certain skills. For example, a business hiring software engineers will probably mandate that job seekers have strong programming ability in languages like Java and C++.

Companies also want to see candidates with experience in using their particular set of technical skills. Therefore, a recent graduate will be a much stronger candidate if they’ve had a formal internship position in their field.

Seasoned engineering professionals should be able to show they are keeping up-to-date with the latest technology.

Good Communication

Many engineering professionals have complex, detailed job responsibilities and very often they need to be able to break down parts of their job into simple non-technical language. Also, engineers must be capable of handling numerous methods of communication. Candidates should be able to communicate technically, in plain English, on paper, verbally, online and face-to-face, one-on-one and in group settings. They should also be able to stay in touch with many individuals at once.

Good communication abilities are also crucial for common group activities like project meetings, product design and collaborative problem-solving.

Problem Solving

Engineering professionals should also be able to solve a problem as individuals. When issues pop up, engineering professionals have to be capable of identifying, evaluating and addressing these problems swiftly. A big part of the problem-solving ability is the capability to organize thoughts into compelling solutions for co-workers, supervisors, and clients.

Furthermore, engineers have to be capable of handling administrative tasks while solving problems and conveying solutions.

Self Motivation

Business leaders and hiring personnel want to see you are sincerely passionate about the various issues within your field. Part of being passionate to succeed in your career is being open to learning or shedding out-of-date habits, both of which can go a long way toward getting the job you want.

In addition to wanting to grow your abilities and experience, engineering employers also want to see the capacity to lead and take initiative on addressing problems or big projects.

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