Skills Every Sr. Web Developer Needs

Many companies today are looking for full stack web developers; developers that can take a project from the back-end to the front-end without additional help. While not every web developer needs to be able to do this, they at least need to have an overall understanding of every part of the front-end and back-end process. Senior web developers need to be knowledgeable about design, development, programming, and database work if they are to be hirable in the current market. Here are a few of the skills that every web developer should focus on.

Programming and Technical Skills

  • Front-end development. Senior web developers should know HTML, JavaScript, and CSS; the essentials for front-end development. They should be aware of the most common instances of these technologies, such as HTML5.
  • Back-end development. Senior web developers should know either ASP or PHP and MySQL, both of which are commonly used for back-end development. Senior web developers do not necessarily have to be highly skilled in both back-end or front-end development, but they should be skilled in one of them, and they should know at least a little about both of them.
  • Web development theory. Senior web developers should be able to optimize a website, improving upon its performance as well as its utility and its design. This means that they should be up to date on modern standards, such as compression algorithms, content delivery networks, and more.
  • User experience. Web developers today must be knowledgeable about the basic principles of user experience, which relate to how users actually interact with and enjoy a website. If a senior developer is not knowledgeable about user experience, they may produce websites that meet the client’s specifications but fail to perform well.

Interpersonal and Planning Skills

  • Developing goals and objectives. Senior web developers need to be able to identify their current objectives and work towards those objectives without variation.  It is their responsibility to produce an end product that fits the initial product requests.
  • Project management skills. The vast majority of companies today operate under agile project development standards. Senior web developers often need to organize their teams and provide an interface between their employees and decision makers. Web developers will need to be able to communicate goals to their employees and keep their projects on task.
  • Delegation and motivation skills. Senior web developers need to be able to handle their human resources properly, delegating tasks to employees with the relevant skill sets and keeping the entire team motivated even in the face of setbacks.
  • Communication technology. Not only do senior web developers need to know how to communicate with their employees and their clients, but they also should be knowledgeable about modern communication and collaboration platforms, which can make it far easier to manage a team.

A senior web developer is an all-around resource. If you’re looking to grow into the position, the above skills will be absolutely essential. Software Specialists has a dedicated listing of positions that are currently open, for those who are looking for new challenges within their IT career.

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