Skills That Could Boost Your .NET Developer Career

.NET developers are some of the most talented, versatile, and sought after within the programming industry. But that doesn’t mean that the market isn’t competitive. .NET development is a broad enough field that there are a variety of associated specializations and skills. If you want to command the greatest salary and the most significant benefits, you may need to fine-tune some of your technical abilities.

Learn the ASP.NET Framework

ASP.NET MVC is rapidly becoming an industry standard throughout .NET development. ASP.NET MVC makes it easier to create robust, feature-complete web applications, thereby speeding up deployment and making your job much easier. ASP.NET MVC is used in client-side web technologies and can be paired with the use of server-side programming to create complete software solutions.

Brush Up On Your SQL Skills

It should come as no surprise that the technological world is dominated by data. The better your SQL skills, the more likely you are to get hired; that’s just a fact. Whether you’re focused on Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL, you need to be able to both architect and maintain a database as a developer. The better you are at data and data science, the more in demand you will be.

Get Your Certifications

There are a tremendous variety of certification paths open to a .NET developer; understandably, most of them are through Microsoft. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification will show that you are well-versed in producing solutions for the world’s most commonly used platform. The MCSD additionally needs to be renewed every 24 months, indicating to prospective employers that you are up to date on current technology. As you progress in your career, you can also consider acquiring a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional certification. Though this certification has no specific standards, it recognizes that you are extremely experienced with .NET development.

Go Full Stack With Web Development

Web applications are undoubtedly the future. Not only are web apps commonly used on mobile devices, but the cloud has taken over in lieu of on-premise technology. Web development and client-side coding is fairly common among .NET developers, but being able to do it and being able to do it well are two different things entirely. By going full stack and being able to develop both client-side and server-side, you can deliver far more value to your employers.

By boosting the above skills, you should be able to command a higher salary at some of the best employers in your area. .NET development is all about versatility rather than specialization; the more you know, the better. If you’re currently looking for a position in .NET development (or looking to expand your horizons into other programming specializations), you can review the current job listings at Software Specialists.

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