Sneaky Phone Interview Tips to Win You a Second Interview

Phone interviews can be very stressful, even more stressful than in-person interviews. After all, it isn’t very easy to fully interpret what your interviewer is saying when you can’t see their face or read their body language or facial cues. And you have to make sure you convey your message clearly, too. Here are some sneaky phone interview tips that you can use to win yourself a second interview.   

Know who’s calling

 As soon as you set up the phone interview, figure out who’s going to be calling you and what their title is. Is it a hiring manager? Is it the CEO or the owner of the company? Or will it be your potential boss? Address them properly and be polite and respectful.   

Practice and prepare  

 Just as with any interview, you should research the company and rehearse your answers to standard interview questions. Since phone interviews are usually preliminary screenings, they’ll probably ask you more general questions about your work history and explain what the position entails. The more challenging questions, the ones that are more specific to the job and what you can bring to it, will likely come in the second interview.  

Make a list of questions  

 Plan out some thoughtful questions that show you’ve really considered the job and what it would be like to work at this company. Your pre-interview research will help you here. You can ask about their mission statement or some of their company’s history. And don’t forget to ask about next steps and when you can expect to hear back from them.  

Be somewhere quiet  

 Set up a little station for your phone interview. It should be a quiet space, away from distractions like the TV, kids, noisy pets, or noises outside. If you’ve arranged that they’re going to call you, answer the phone promptly and professionally. If you’re supposed to call them, be punctual! Time is tight; don’t make them wait. Have a notepad and pen ready so you can take notes and jot down any “next steps” that you agree upon. And have your resume and the job description in front of you so you can refer back to it.   

Speak slowly   

Slowly and clearly. Just as you’re struggling to understand them and interpret their meaning, they’ll be struggling to follow you. Let them interrupt you. It can be awkward if you’re fighting back and forth over whose turn it is to talk, so always surrender to them. Plus, they’re the ones who should be directing the conversation, so let them make their points and ask their questions.  

Send a thank-you   

Always send a thank-you email! Preferably within a few hours of the interview. Thank them for their time and consideration, tell them anything you forgot to mention about yourself over the phone, and reiterate what a good fit you are for the job.  

Ready for your next phone interview?

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