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When Your Brain Feels Like Mush — The Importance of Taking a Break

If you occasionally feel yourself daydreaming or having trouble concentrating at work, it’s because your brain needs a break, and recent research showed frequent breaks can give you more energy. Conducted by Baylor University, the research indicated a connection between …read more

6 Reasons You Need to Be Use a Specialized Recruiting Company To Staff

Many companies rely on staffing firms to find the right talent in today’s highly competitive labor market. When these companies are looking at their options, one of their choices is whether to go with a general staffing company or a …read more

Must-Have Skills for a Career in Cybersecurity

The need for cybersecurity talent is greater than ever before, and it’s not likely to decrease anytime soon. Many businesses are feeling pressure from an ever-growing number of potential threats, and are motivated to locate professionals who can help safeguard …read more

How Can a Staffing Company Help In My Job Search?

Trying to find a job is a full-time job. So why not get a little bit of help with your “second job”? Staffing companies can do some of the heavy lifting for you and increase the chances of you finding …read more

How Much Does Downtime in the Workplace Cost Your Company?

Regardless of what causes it, IT systems downtime is bad for any company. Downtime costs a company in terms of decreased productivity, lost revenue, recovery costs and costs of intangibles, such as damage to the company brand. Quantifying what downtime …read more