Tech Grads, Are You Ready for Your First Job in Tech?

Tech Grads, Are You Ready for Your First Job in Tech?

Graduating with a degree in technology is an exciting milestone, marking the beginning of a promising career in a field that’s constantly evolving. As tech grads prepare to step into their first job in tech, understanding the landscape of job opportunities and how majors can be applied to emerging areas can offer a significant edge. Let’s dive into things with SSi on the current job market, top areas in tech, and how your tech major can be leveraged for a successful start in the industry.

The Job Market for New Tech Grads


The demand for tech professionals continues to soar, driven by the fast pace of digital transformation across all sectors. According to Forbes, the tech industry remains one of the fastest-growing job markets. In 2023, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is expected to result in about 667,600 new jobs over the decade .

For new graduates, the job market looks particularly favorable. Companies are actively seeking fresh talent to bring in new perspectives and skills. Data compiled by NACE indicated that tech-related degrees are among the most sought after by employers, with computer science, information technology, and engineering majors leading the pack.


Top Areas for New Tech Grads


Software Development

Software development remains a cornerstone of the tech industry. Companies are always in need of skilled developers to create, maintain, and improve their software applications. Roles in this area include software engineers, application developers, and systems analysts.


With the increasing number of cyber threats, cybersecurity has become a critical area. Organizations are investing heavily in protecting their digital assets, leading to a high demand for cybersecurity analysts, security architects, and ethical hackers, aka a great first job in tech!

Data Science and Analytics

Data is the new oil, and businesses are keen on harnessing the power of big data. Data scientists and analysts are essential for interpreting complex datasets to inform strategic decisions. This field offers roles like data engineer, business intelligence analyst, and machine learning engineer.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

As we all know, AI is transforming industries, from healthcare to finance. Graduates with a background in AI and machine learning are highly sought after for roles such as AI engineers, machine learning scientists, and research scientists.

Cloud Computing

As more businesses move to the cloud, expertise in cloud platforms is in high demand. Cloud engineers, solutions architects, and cloud security specialists are among the top roles in this domain.

Sustainability Tech

With growing emphasis on sustainability, tech jobs focused on creating environmentally friendly solutions are emerging. This includes roles like sustainability analysts, renewable energy tech developers, and environmental data scientists.


Applying Your Major to New Tech Roles


Computer Science

A computer science degree is versatile and opens doors to numerous roles. You can venture into software development, cybersecurity, AI, or even specialize in emerging fields like quantum computing. With a solid foundation in algorithms, programming, and systems, you can adapt to various tech roles.

Information Technology

An IT major prepares you for practical roles in network administration, cybersecurity, and IT management. Your skills in managing technology infrastructure can also be applied to cloud computing and DevOps positions, where maintaining and improving system operations is crucial.

Data Science

With a data science degree, you’re well-equipped to handle roles in data analytics, machine learning, and AI. The ability to interpret and utilize data effectively is invaluable across all sectors, including healthcare, finance, and retail.


Engineering majors, especially those in electrical, computer, or systems engineering, can apply their skills to hardware development, embedded systems, and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. Your problem-solving skills and technical knowledge are critical in designing and implementing innovative tech solutions.

Environmental Science with a Tech Focus

If you’ve specialized in environmental science with a tech angle, you’re positioned to take on roles in sustainability tech. This includes developing technologies for renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, and creating smart grids. Your expertise will be crucial in driving tech-driven environmental initiatives.

Preparing for Your First Job

Once you finally land your job which might take some time to secure, you have to ensure you’re ready for your first job in tech. To start off, you must stay updated and informed about the latest trends and technologies by following industry news, joining tech forums, and participating in webinars. Once you start completing projects, showcase your skills through a robust portfolio. Include projects, internships, and any hands-on experience relevant to the roles you’re targeting.

Besides just working, getting a job means becoming part of a community. Therefore, use this new network to your advantage and have fun with it! Join tech meetups, attend industry conferences, and connect with professionals on LinkedIn. Networking can open doors to job opportunities and provide valuable industry insights.

Lastly, just because you got your job and graduated college doesn’t mean learning stops as well. As humans and professionals we should always be open to continual learning.  Consider obtaining certifications relevant to your field. Platforms like Coursera, Udacity, and edX offer courses on emerging technologies and skills.

Entering the tech job market as a new graduate is both exciting and challenging. By understanding the demand for tech roles, identifying how your major applies to these roles, and preparing thoroughly, you can set yourself up for success. The tech industry offers a wealth of opportunities, and with the right approach and help, you can carve out a rewarding career in this dynamic field. Enlist the help of a trusted tech and engineering staffing and recruiting expert like SSi people to help you map out a journey to a fulfilling tech career.

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Tech Grads, Are You Ready for Your First Job in Tech?

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