Tech Jobs Round-up!

Every once in a while, it’s a good exercise to dig into the numbers and see what’s really happening in the employment landscape, especially for Tech jobs.

Tech employment has seen explosive growth and will continue to bubble over. Below are some highlights on the latest tech job data that offer a glimpse into what’s happening across the country.

Tech jobs stats

  • According to CompTIA, Texas and then Florida added the most new tech jobs in 2021. Those jobs were concentrated in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa Bay in Florida. The warm sunny weather is calling!
  • Can you name a Zoom Town? That’s what Brookings research is calling the places “where the cost of living is lower than that of the coastal tech hubs and where remote workers took up residence during the pandemic.” And they are giving the major metros a run for their money in attracting tech talent. Shout out to Philly, Cincy, Minneapolis, Charlotte, San Antonio, New Orleans, Ithaca, etc., for being rising stars in tech employment.
  • In addition to the above, Salt Lake City, Utah, however, took top ranks for the city-to-be for tech jobs according to one study that accounted for available jobs, housing affordability, size of the labor force, etc.
  • Once you find your dream location, while almost all tech jobs have an outlook of growth, according to the BLS, the one job title that ranks in the top 20 fastest growing occupations from 2020-to 2030 is Information Security Analyst. Something to think about as you pursue your next opportunity.
  • That’s just one source, though. The LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise list that was released earlier this year has quite a few more tech-related jobs on it – in the top 10, you’ll find:
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Process Development Scientist
    • User Experience Researcher
    • Business System Administrator
  • And if you like to conduct some of your own research, did you ever use the Google Trends search tool? It’s kind of fun to see a consolidated snapshot of the terms we search. For instance, when typing in “tech jobs,” – you’ll see the interest over time for that search term is pretty steady, and the region where it was most popular was South Carolina. Maybe South Carolinians are a great target audience for a tech talent search!Meanwhile, the term “Software Application Developer” was most popular in the New York region and the top related query was naturally “salary.”
  • Another data consolidation tool to watch is the BLS “Industry-at-a-Glance” sheets for the latest workforce statistics. For instance, the “Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services subsection,” – which includes all the known suspects in tech like programmers, analysts, software developers, etc., tells us in March 2022 that the average hourly earnings were $51.32. You can drill down very far for specific stats for different occupations.

Pursuing tech in the future

  • If you are not yet in the market for a tech job, but a tech job is your goal, be sure to research your educational options. If you are looking to enter the field of Information Technology, Niche rated the best colleges for the subject in 2022. Carnegie Mellon U tops the list, followed by Cornell and a slew to top state Universities.
  • But that’s not to be confused with another top field, Computer Science, which is a more popular college major according to Niche. (MIT tops that “best-of” list along with other Ivy League schools and a few of the I-of-T schools. Carnegie hangs in as a top 3 for that major, too.)
  • Finally, if there was any doubt that tech rules, a leading job search portal showed 292,466 jobs when searching for “Software Developer” today, April 6, with over 93,000 posts having a “remote” option. That’s a lot of choices and a pretty solid indication that tech is a safe career to pursue.

If you enjoyed this collection of tech job information, you’ll really want to speak with our SSi experts about your next opportunity. We have a slew of exciting available and are here to help you seek out the right ones and facilitate a great match.

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