What tech skills will land your next job?

AI and programming are top tech skills needed by tech job seekers

With the tech industry transforming, your next tech job could be in any industry in any location. Now, our SSI People experts would tell you that this job expansion also includes enhancing your tech skills set. To keep up to date with modernized workplaces, you must remain relevant within your profession. To be the most sought-after candidate in the market, it’s necessary to upskill. Leveling up your set of tools may sound overwhelming. Or, you may find some experts say certain skills are more important than others. We did some digging to reveal exactly what you should be focusing on.

A Definitive Tech Skills List

The first to hit on the list: data skills. According to Forrester, by 2025, 70% of jobs will involve working directly with data. No matter what organization you are part of, you will be expected to extract data and communicate it in a way that’s effective enough to turn it into valuable outcomes.

This entails using tools such as Tableau and Power Bi to visualize data to be better perceived by humans. Research by Tableau highlights that workers in organizations with visual data recovery tools are 28% more likely to find information faster than in companies that only use managed reporting and dashboards. For this reason, tech skills such as data visualization are gaining the attention of employers.

Knowing how to tell a story with the given data is even more valuable. Once you know how to interpret the data and learn how to show it, you must present it engagingly. Forbes states that this could mean explaining why insights are important to business or the best route to put them to work.

Data Analysis Leads to UI/UX Design to Make it Accessible

Once you get that down, you can move on to developing your User Interface (UI)/ User Experience (UX) design abilities. This will become increasingly vital in 2023 since now almost any company will have available tech positions. Software programming skills are a must to make data and technology readily accessible to the average person, especially as we enter an era of low code platforms when people value their experience with technology above anything else.

Tech Skills in Coding Languages

While these hard skills are essential, to land a tech job in this advancing work field, you will need to speak the employer’s love language. Among developers’ top ten, Python ranks high on this list, with Gartner declaring proficiency in this high-level language as a “critical needs skill” regarding current job openings.

According to HRForecast, this is exclusively popular among managers, analysts, and marketers that use it to work with data in tables. If you’re looking to test your expertise, take a look at Data Analyst and Python Web Developer to see if you already have this nailed. Meanwhile, desktop software development’s love language is C, mainly used for windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems, or C# is used for games.

Advanced Tech Skills in AI

Now for the force driving all these tech skills: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Obtaining the knowledge to work with AI, frequently referred to as “augmented working,” allows for compelling data storytelling. It also greatly assists UX designers who use it to decide what features should be prioritized. Furthermore, Global organizations labeled AI development and training as the most “critical technology and human skills to hire for or develop in the next 18 months” (IDC). Knowledge in this discipline will be your greatest asset for a future career in technology.

Now that you have a tech skills blueprint to succeed, it’s time to find out what opportunities are available to apply your skill set. With a regular refresh of tech and engineering roles at SSi People, our expert recruiters can assist in finding your next opportunity. Check out all our open positions to secure your brand-new tech job!

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