The 6 Warning Signs That You Need a New Job

We’ve all been there beforeyou’re bored or frustrated at work and you’re wondering whether it’s time to leave. Or maybe it’s a coworker you don’t get along with. But how do you know for sure that this is more than just a phase and you’re really ready to move on? Maybe the coworker that you don’t like will leave first and you’ll be happy again. Or your boss is about to promote you and the new challenge will be exactly what you need to re-engage in your career. Here are six warning signs that you need a new job. 

You’ve stopped performing  

You haven’t been doing your job well and you don’t care. You’re missing deadlines and turning in work that’s incomplete. You find yourself wasting time instead of trying to maximize your productivity. That’s definitely a sign to move on before things get even worse. You’d hate to have a track record of poor performance in your past as you’re applying for new jobs.   

You hate going to work  

To you, the “Sunday scaries” are a serious thing, nearly a phobia. In fact, to you, there’s nothing to look forward to except for the weekend. More than just bored or frustrated, you’re deeply unhappy. That’s not a good way to live. Put yourself out of your misery and find something better.   

You feel hopeless 

If you look at your work situation as completely hopeless, it’s time to get out. You don’t see any signs of improvement or your career has run its course there—there’s no room for advancement. Or maybe the company’s a sinking ship and you should get out before things get worse.   

Your loved ones are encouraging you to quit  

If your friends and family want you to quit, your unhappiness has affected them somehow. Either they’re sick of hearing you complain or they’ve heard you describe the situation enough that they recognize it’s a bad environment for you and you need to get out. Maybe you should treat their outside perspective as true insight and heed their advice.  

You’re hoping to get fired  

You’ve stopped performing, you’ve stopped trying and you’re actually hoping your boss has noticed. You want to be fired. But if you really know you’re about to get fired, you should be the one to call the shot first. Quit before they fire you. When you start looking for a new job, it’ll be a lot easier to explain why you left on your own terms than why you were fired. 

 You’re finding escapes  

Some means of escaping the harsh realities are fine and normal. Like retreating to the beach on the weekends. Or losing yourself in a book or TV show when you get home from work. Others are more dangerous and can take a real toll on you and your body—like excessive drinking or drug use or other self-destructive behaviors.  

Is it time for you to find a new job?

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