The career you never knew you needed: Technical Recruiter

searching for talent as a technical recruiter
searching for talent as a technical recruiter

A technical recruiter is responsible for the four S’s: sourcing, screening, scheduling, and suiting. First, they source out talent. Next, they implement a screening process to ensure job-seekers meet the requirements. Then, recruiters schedule an interview for candidates. Finally, they place prospects accordingly to the jobs they are best suited for.

If you are someone that likes to communicate with a diverse group of people and want to help others pursue their goals and passions, technical recruiter is the job for you!

The benefits you have always wanted

Many people do not know what to expect from tech recruiting jobs. Here is a list to look forward to:

  • A bright future ahead: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology occupations is predicted to increase by 13 percent from 2020 to 2030. This means that the demand for these workers will increase business for tech recruiters.
  • An ability to grow: Career advancement is always an option in this job due to the various roles and responsibilities the job requires. For instance, most small and medium companies make recruiters in charge of employee relations, compensation, learning and development, and other HR duties.
  • An insurance plan: As a recruiter, you will most likely be offered an array of insurance plans ranging from covering health to dental insurance.
  • A salary increase: According to Indeed, tech recruiters make an average base salary of $64,419 per year. On top of this, many companies offer commissions for great placements, giving you the opportunity to raise your own salary. The more you successfully place candidates, the more money you can receive.

The skills you want to obtain as a technical recruiter

To land these benefits, there are specific skills a tech recruiter must have. Below are common examples of the qualifications and skills listed in job postings across the board:

  • Excellent verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Fast learner who thinks on their feet and takes initiative
  • Solid knowledge of sourcing techniques (e.g., social media recruiting)
  • Technical expertise with an ability to understand and explain job requirements for IT roles

The steps to success 

To be a successful technical recruiter and gain those commissions that increase your salary, you have to be consistent in your work and make great connections. The better your relationship with your candidates, the higher the chance you will find them a job they are happy with. To the same degree, a recruiter must have a good reputation with the companies they match candidates with.

At SSI people, we work with some of the country’s most successful companies and ensure that these relationships are strong because we believe success lies in our people. Contact us today to talk about new opportunities.







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