The Top 5 Perks That Tech Employees Are Looking For

Most companies say people are their most valuable assets, and with national unemployment at a 17-year low, businesses are working overtime to recruit, engage and retain this valuable commodity.

Employee perks are a major opportunity for most companies to attract and keep talent. A recent industry study reported that 48 percent of employees consider benefits and perks in their decision to find a job. This is also true for temporary workers, since perks will more than likely determine if they stay after the assignment is done.

While some employers might point to their competitive salaries as a way to attract talent, for the typical tech industry professional, salaries are more of a threshold for accepting an offer than a measure for comparing employers. In fact, there are far better ways to attract and keep talent.

If your company is currently looking to attract top tech talent, consider the following in-demand benefits and perks.

1) Good health insurance

Health insurance is a standard benefit with most employers, but many companies offer high-deductible plans with limited coverage. When surveyed, professionals overwhelmingly say they prefer good health insurance coverage to getting a raise.

There are benefits for employers that come with health insurance, such as decreased absenteeism and higher engagement as a result of staff members feeling cared for and appreciated by their employer.

2) A remote-work option

Flexibility is increasingly becoming a preferred perk for the modern worker, who is attempting to balance personal and professional obligations, particularly staff members with children at home.

Affording staff members schedule flexibility demonstrates trust, leads to higher engagement and appeals to most job seekers.

3) Fitness perks

Sitting for almost all of your workday, for extended periods of time certainly takes a toll on the body. Unsurprisingly, surveys often show on-site fitness centers are a popular desired perk.

Some companies incentivize health-conscious actions, like getting a flu shot or signing up for a gym membership. Others go a step further and have an on-site fitness facility or encourage their staff members to do physical activity throughout the day.

4) Stock or stock options

Stock options give staff members a sense of ownership in the success of their company. This helps build an emotional connection between staff members and their work that’s crucial to creating an engaged atmosphere many modern professionals crave.

5) Paid parenting leave

Tech professionals frequently say they must choose between a challenging career and a family life, and delay starting a family to be able to concentrate on the former. These decisions often go unacknowledged by employers, but a handful of smart businesses have created programs meant to facilitate the coexistence of strong work and family lives.

One popular benefit is to offer paid maternity and paternity leave that go beyond minimum requirements. Over-delivering on these benefits shows employees and prospective employees how much the company values employees as people.

At Software Specialists, we support all the employee engagement initiatives put forward by our clients. Please contact us today to find out how we can effectively support your organization.

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