The Top Programming Languages That Programmers Should Be Proficient in for 2020

The world of programming is always evolving. The programming language you learned when you started your career is probably not what you’re relying on today, so it’s essential to keep practicing and stay up-to-date. The more current you are, the higher the salary you can earn, and the more employable you are. Many companies will fight over a highly qualified IT specialist. Here are the top ten programming languages that you need to know in 2020.


As one of the most popular languages for Mac OS and iOS app development, it’s reputed to reshape the future of programming. With influence from Python and Ruby, it has the best features of both—simple and easy to use. If you work with a lot of Apple products, this is worth learning and practicing.


Designed by Microsoft, Typescript is similar to JavaScript, with a range of new functions and extra features. It’s used for developing web applications because its tools are easy to learn and convenient to use.


Python, used for desktop application development, machine learning, web applications, network applications, and media tools are pretty much found everywhere today. Its code is readable and well-structured and used by Google and NASA.


It’s a relatively new programming language, but it’s easy to learn, primarily since it’s been influenced by Java and JavaScript. It’s sure to increase in popularity, so it’s a good one to have in your toolbox of skills.


A framework for Javascript, the most popular programming language, NodeJS. Since so many applications and web platforms are written in Javascript, including Netflix, Uber, PayPal, and eBay, a background in NodeJS would make a really marketable job candidate.


Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java to develop their desktop apps, data developing, system engineering, Android development, and more. Since Java is one of the more versatile languages, there’s always a demand for programmers who are adept at it.


Designed by Microsoft, C# is popular and well-known, meaning that if you learn it, you’ll be that much more versatile as you look to advance your career. It’s simple and easy to learn and reads like the English language.


Also extremely popular, PHP is used by 80% of the top 10 million social media and other websites, including Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia, meaning that any good programmer has to know it. Because it doesn’t have super strict rules, it allows for a lot of flexibility in its problem-solving.


Supported by Google, Go is easy to work with and highly functional. It’s been increasing in popularity since its inception in 2011 and is used by notable companies like Intel, Adobe, IBM, and Medium.


Being a user-friendly programming language, Ruby is very similar to an English sentence, without all the fancy, fluffy vocabulary. Instead, it’s straightforward and efficient. Ruby developers are usually well-paid and always in demand.


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