These 3 IT Podcasts Are Must Listen for Any Professional

The tech industry is unique because it’s changing and evolving so rapidly. You practically need to be enrolled in classes full time in order to keep up. Fortunately, there’s a more practical solution than that: podcasts. They’re free and informative, and there are so many you’re bound to find one that’s right up your alley. You can listen in the car, while you’re at the gym or when you’re folding laundry. They’re so accessible and so is the information packed inside them. Here are the best IT podcasts and any IT professional must listen to.   


The Hanselminutes Podcast

Hosted by Scott Hanselman, a web developer and programmer at Microsoft, The Hanselminutes Podcast emphasizes tech culture and current events in technology, which is a very broad range of topics—in only 30 minutes each week. The show is unique in that Hanselman brands it as “fresh air for developers” and boasts a little humanity, sometimes simply discussing what life is like as a developer.  


FLOSS Weekly

Produced by the TWiT network, FLOSS Weekly focuses on the free and open-source software community. In fact, FLOSS stands for Free Lebre Open Source Software. Every Wednesday, host by Randal Schwartz and a second host that rotates through a panel discuss IT groundbreakers, the best software on the market, and anything else happening in the world of open source software. Each episode features one or two guests from the industry who’s completing an open source project and explore the project for roughly an hour. There’s a lot to learn and take in, even if you won’t ever work with that specific project.  


The Cloudcast

The Cloudcast is an award-winning weekly podcast that covers topics like cloud computing, DevOps, AWS ecosystem, OpenSource, SAAS, AppDev, SDN and the internet. Hosted by Aaron Delp, the director of technical solutions at SolidFire, Inc. and Brian Gracely, director of product strategy at Red Hat, each week the Cloudcast features one or two guest experts and one central theme, which they break down into six subtopics or questions. They range in length from 20 to 60 minutes, but most of them are about 30 easy-to-manage minutes. 

And there are so many more that just keep showing up on list after list of the best tech podcasts. Look into Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World; Accidental Tech Podcast; Analog(ue); This Week in Enterprise Tech; and Risky Business. You probably don’t have time for them all but check out a couple. Find the ones that will keep you informed to stay competitive in your industry and at your job. For more tips on staying informed in the world of techcontact our team today. 

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