Top Cities for Tech Jobs

In the tech field, getting the right job is often about being in the right location. Salaries and opportunities will all vastly differ depending on where you are and the type of technology work you’re interested in. Here are the top cities for tech jobs in 2016, where you’ll find the most options available to you.

Austin, Texas

Austin has been developing its information technology sector for some time. Now home to some of the largest companies within the IT sector (IBM, Dell, Google, and Facebook), Austin combines a modern, eclectic, and diverse city with a cutting-edge technology infrastructure. There are nearly 2 million residents in Austin, ensuring a “big city” feel for those who want to find the perfect position for them. The most popular positions in Austin include java developer, development analyst, and technical writer.

Hartford, Connecticut

Focused primarily on aerospace and defense, Hartford, CT is a picturesque city with a large population. Home to over 1.2 million residents, Hartford’s technology sector is booming, with over 20,000 current information technology positions. The most popular positions available in Hartford are applications engineer, systems analyst, and infrastructure engineer. Hartford is one of the best areas for government and defense positions, which can be made easier through security clearance and certifications.

Provo, Utah

The technology industry has a well-developed pattern of moving into more affordable areas and then slowly developing a business infrastructure. This is exactly what has happened in Provo, with a population of half a million residents and 8,500 IT positions. Google Fiber has recently moved into the area, making it more viable for business owners and software developers. Provo is one of the best locations for technical support, python development, and field technician positions; consequently, it’s a great way for network administrators and help desk professionals to get their foot in the door.

San Jose, California

San Jose remains one of the best locations for tech-based professionals, with a total of 61,038 job openings as of 2016. Though the city has an exceptionally high cost of living, the average base salaries are $112,000. San Jose is the perfect area for those who really want to experience Silicon Valley, including entrepreneurs and those who are interested in eventually launching their own startups. The most popular positions are solutions architects, data scientists, and senior software developers.

Seattle, Washington

A comparatively low cost of living and cost of property have made Seattle an exceptionally popular city among technology businesses. Seattle is considered to be one of the preferred locations when compared to higher cost areas such as the Bay Area, and had a total of 103,124 job openings as of 2016. Though the salaries are lower, the cost of housing is less than half of what would be expected in the Bay Area. Some of the most popular positions in Seattle include solutions architects, UI-UX designers, and data scientists.

Regardless of where you are, the technology field is quickly growing. More than ever, people have become reliant upon their technology for their day-to-day tasks and business operations. If you’re interested in breaking into the field of technology or finding your next position in IT, browse some of the job listings at Software Specialists.

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