Are You on Top of The Latest Security Trends?

IT security is constantly changing, and it’s up to you, the IT professional, to make sure you stay on top of the latest trends.

Here are a few developments worth keeping an eye on.

A focus on the Internet of Things

More and more smart devices coming to market continue to expand the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). When a business acquires smart devices, it increases the ways its tech security can be compromised. The Mirai botnet attacks of October 2016 raised awareness of the need to safeguard IoT devices.

While an increasing number of security firms claim they can manage IoT threats, the marketplace is still not completely developed, and IoT security will require people, policies and new solutions.

Fighting the malware evolution

For years, malware has been a favorite weapon for hackers, and it continues to be a top method. The evolution of malware is such that the efficiency of many antivirus products is now being called into question.

One particularly troubling development has been the emergence of memory-resident malware. These infections will survive a reboot but are challenging for software to recognize. As more people leave their computers running, this may be an effective attack method.

Attackers will again change their methods, with a shift to mobile malware being projected for the coming years. Because most businesses permit mobile devices to join internal Wi-Fi networks, these devices can become dangerous and permit attackers to get into a company’s most sensitive areas.

Cloud Security

In the past several years, there have been many cloud security breaches, and many companies still cite security concerns as a reason not to make the most of cloud computing.

However, there are now many best practices for companies to follow so they can move to the cloud in a secure way. As more is known about how to securely set up in cloud environments and companies realize they can function just as securely in the cloud as they do in a traditional data center, cloud adoption will speed up. However, if an organization has inadequate security in their on-premises ecosystem and they use poor security practices in the cloud, they should anticipate a cloud security breach.

Encryption is becoming easier

Encryption of both stored and transferring data is now simpler to put into practice in the past several years and is essential for safeguarding delicate data produced by IoT devices. However, many security specialists find it difficult to overcome encryption difficulties like key management.

Companies should think about homomorphic encryption, a system that enables you to keep data encrypted while you query, process and evaluate it. This technology might be particularly useful for a retailer that wants to encrypt a buyer’s credit card number and hold it for future transactions without concern since it would never have to be decrypted.

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