What is IS Security?

Information Security is one of the most vital and important branches of information technology today. Through information security, personally identifiable and confidential information are kept secured from unauthorized access and release. In the modern era, large volumes of information are being kept on digital systems. This can include everything from health records to financial disclosures.

The Role of IS Professionals

Information security professionals are often charged with the security of a network and its applications. The goal of an IS professional is to ensure that data is not copied or misused; the data that is stored in the network must only be used for its specified purposes. IS professionals will need to detect when data may have been compromised and will need to react accordingly. Data systems will need to be appropriately backed up and accessed without being exposed to misuse.

Information Security in the Business

IS professionals are not the only individuals within a business that need to be knowledgeable about information security. In fact, to a certain extent, businesses should educate all of their employees regarding their company’s security needs. Bootcamps exist to teach employees about essential security processes. The vast majority of security breaches are due to the negligence or errors of an employee, which makes employees the weakest link. Employees may accidentally expose their network by forgetting their login information, signing into public computers, or losing their mobile device.

The Major Threats to Information Security

Stolen financial information is one of the major threats to information security. Phishing attacks are frequently used to gain access to a computer system; a cyber criminal pretends to be an authorized individual or service provider and prompts an employee to give them information that will allow them to access the system. Viruses and malware can also be used to penetrate a system, if malware and antivirus solutions are not able to detect them. Ransomware is another growing threat, which essentially holds a company’s data hostage until a ransom has been paid. All of these issues can bring a business grinding to a halt and can potentially leave the company’s clients and employees vulnerable.

The Growing Need for IT Security

There are many trends that have been steadily increasing the need for IS security. Not only has cybercrime become more popular, but consumers are becoming more comfortable with storing their important data on cloud servers and with service providers. Third-party providers have become a weak link in many chains; many companies rely upon third-parties for functionality throughout their system, but in so doing need to share critical information with them. Mobile devices and the Internet of Things have further expanded the security landscape and introduced vulnerabilities that IT experts need to limit.

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