10 Ways IT Staffing Agencies Can Help Cut Costs & Increase Productivity

Across industries, one thing that all employers have in common is the need to recruit talented new employees in a timely and cost-effective manner. Here in the IT industry, where technologies and best practices are continually evolving at a breakneck pace, business leaders need to be able to identify and onboard new talent quickly. Unfortunately, many HR departments today lack the time, resources, and bandwidth to be able to find and recruit high-quality candidates. This frequently leads to mis-hires, which can take a significant toll on the atmosphere and productivity of a workplace as a whole.  

Thankfully, IT staffing agencies can help.   

Here, we’ll break down the major benefits of partnering with an IT staffing agency with the 10 ways IT staffing agencies can help you to cut back on costs and maximize productivity in the workplace.  

Top 10 Benefits of Partnering with an IT Staffing Agency  

Here are ten ways that teaming up with an IT staffing agency can benefit your organization:    

  1. Saves time. Staffing agencies specialize in making contact with candidates and moving forward with the screening and recruitment process as quickly and efficiently as possible.  
  2. Saves money. A long and drawn-out recruiting process can be a huge financial drain for HR departments. By partnering with an IT staffing agency, you’ll ensure a budget-friendly hiring process for your organization.  
  3. Networking capability. A professional staffing agency will be able to connect you with top-talent candidates that would otherwise not be accessible through a simple online job post.  
  4. Cuts back on advertising costs. These days, it’s become the norm for employers to post paid job advertisements across a variety of different media platforms. Partnering with a staffing agency can eliminate the need for paid advertisements, which can subsequently save your company even more time and money.  
  5. Finding the perfect candidate for the role. Many IT jobs are extremely technical, which means it’s important for employers to find candidates who will be able to bring a very particular and refined skill set to the table. IT staffing agencies have the necessary expertise to be able to pinpoint candidates whose skills will be a perfect match for a particular position.  
  6. Comprehensive screening process. Oftentimes, HR departments will screen and interview candidates only to discover down the line that they’re not, in fact, an ideal fit for the role. When you partner with a staffing agency, you can rest assured that all candidates will be thoroughly background-checked and screened before you meet with them for a formal interview.   
  7. Communication. Maintaining regular communication with potential job candidates is one of the key elements of a successful recruitment strategy. Unlike many HR departments, staffing agencies have the bandwidth to be able to keep in touch with multiple job candidates at once to ensure a hasty recruitment process and prevent “ghosting.” 
  8. Comprehensive feedback. If it turns out that a candidate is not selected for a role, staffing agencies will provide him or her with thorough and personalized feedback about their performance. In that way, candidates are encouraged to continue their job search, and maybe even to apply for positions with the same employer at a future date.  
  9. Gives employers more flexibility. In some cases, an employer might need to hire a part-time employee or a temporary worker to help complete a particular project. Recruiting these professionals, however, can often be as challenging as hiring a full-time employee. Thankfully, staffing agencies will be able to work with you to find a candidate whose schedule, bandwidth, and salary requirements match nicely with your own.  
  10. Increases retention. A hasty and incautious recruitment process leads to high rates of employee turnover, which can itself be a serious drain on time and resources. A careful and thorough recruitment process, which is what you can expect from a staffing agency – will invariably lead to increased rates of retention.    

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